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Cabinet refinishing is a great alternative to replacing or refacing your cabinets.  There are some pros and cons of choosing to refinish your cabinets and we will walk you through them.


-Saves money.  When you use your existing cabinets

-Saves trees and reduces carbon emissions.  You can go green! When you use your existing cabinets and spruce them up, you don’t have to worry about more trees getting cut down and you can rest assured that your decision makes the world a better place.  There are even some companies that can refinish without sanding or stripping which means they aren’t putting harsh chemicals in the air.  


-You can’t change the style of your door and changing the layout of your kitchen when you refinish.  When you replace your cabinets, you can change the layout, and when you reface you can’t change the layout but you can change the look of a cabinet door.

-If the company you choose to refinish does not use a sandless or stripless method and instead sands or strips the woodwork, you might run into a mess.

-You’ll have to unload your cabinets.  This isn’t the worst thing in the -world but your kitchen might be out of use for a few days to a few weeks with all your normal kitchenware and cutlery dispersed around the house.

Other options:

Painting cabinets.  If you don’t like the color of your woodwork or you don’t like seeing the wood grain, this may be the right choice for you.  With paining you have lots of options on color.  Just make sure that you check out the person and company doing the work.  Some “pros” will paint and leave brush marks and drips.  It’s best to get references whenever possible.



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